2017 Tax Credit Payment due March 11th

graduate21Thank you to all of you who supported your favorite private school through Apogee.  The Department of Revenue has begun to mail out 2017 tax credit approval letters so please be on the lookout.  The 2017 tax credit cap was oversubscribed so all approved requests were reduced by a standard prorated amount.  Payment is due within 60 days of the approval letter.  If you have been approved for the 2017 tax year, you must fund your tax credit by March 11th, 2017.  Click Here to Pay Now.  

FAQ: Scholarship Applicants & Recipients

FAQ: Scholarship Applicants & Recipients

Who is Eligible to receive a scholarship?

The State has defined parameters as to who is eligible to receive an SSO scholarship. Children eligible to enroll in a GA qualified (public) school Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st Grade program Students who are currently enrolled at GA public school qualify. From 2nd grade and beyond, Apogee policy requires that a student must have attended at least 45 days of public school in order to be considered eligible. *Apogee partner schools reserve the right to enforce stricter policies. Home School students, KIPP School students, Charter School students are also eligible.  Once a student receives an Apogee scholarship, they remain eligible for the balance of their career through 12th grade.

How do I apply for an SSO scholarship?

Apogee works closely with its partner schools in awarding SSO scholarships. Please contact your school’s admissions office for more information.

Is this a needs based scholarship?

No, although we do strongly encourage schools to consider some type of needs based component in their scholarship award policy.

Does the scholarship award count as income?

No. When receiving an Apogee tax credit scholarship award, there is no requirement to include the amount as income. This scholarship is given from non-profit organization and as such is not subject to claiming as income on the State or Federal return.

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